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Halogen airfield lamps from Osram are available at performance levels between 30 and 200W. The currently most frequent forms are lamps with Pk30d base or with reflector. Some types have a pin or ceramic base. Double ended lamps are only required for some older fixtures. For some lamps the efficiency has been increased further by the use of IRC technology (Infrared Reflective Coating). The IRC lamps for airfield lighting have double or even triple the lifetime for existing halogen lamps (up to 3,000 hours). This modern lamp technology reduces the maintenance costs due to longer relamping intervals.

All halogen airfield lamps provide light within the colour coordinates established by ICAO for white light. Xenon is used as filling gas for the XENOPHOT lamps. This way these lamps achieve up to 10% higher luminous efficiency at the same level of power consumption. XENOPHOT lamps are identified by the abbreviation HLX.

Osram have developed a range of IRC airfield lamps. The innovative IRC technology increases the efficiency of halogen lamps by reflecting a major part of the generated unused IR radiation back to the coil where it is converted into visible light. Osram IRC lamps for airfield lighting have double the lifetime as standard halogen airfield lamps.

Philips Airfield Lamps


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Philips offer an extensive range of halogen & standard incandescent lamps specified for airfield runway and taxiway fixtures that fulfil FAA, ICAO and other national and international regulations. They are designed for current controlled operation mainly in series connected systems.

The common types generally have a maximum current of 6.6A. The life performance for the main types is more than 1000 hours. The popular types have a cement free prefocus base with cable connection for excellent optical adjustment. Philips Dichroic reflector lamps have a strong focus light in one direction and an integrated reflector especially designed for inset lights.

The high reliability of Philips airfield lamps guarantees long replacement cycles and low maintenance cost. All new products are designed under environmental friendly aspects (lead and mercury free).

Philips have successful developed a series of Pk30d, Bi-Pin and T10 Long Life lamps with extended lifetime. The specification allows for a simple exchange of current industry standard lamps with new Philips Long Life series